We could have bought 4 or 5 acres in the middle of nowhere, but then once you get there, what would you do? You’d have to get back into your car to go hike. We realized we didn’t want to be alone in the woods. We wanted a community with green space and features like a trout stream and hiking trails.

Lynda Ross

Doug is not a developer, he’s a keeper of the land; he’s a dream builder. He’s allowing me to build something for myself and for my children that will be a legacy for them.

Roy Borrego

Anderson Creek Retreat encourages the regional house styles that typically requires the use of native materials, simple detailing, and common-sense features.

Cozy Cabins

I can stay on Anderson Creek Property and ride my horse Blaze for two hours without retracing my tracks.

Catherine Ashford

Creating Cottage Style, New Old House

“We used to camp up here all the time”… Ten years later they stumbled upon a newspaper ad about the preservation of the historic Anderson Creek watershed. “The idea was to disrupt the area as little as possible and highlight the natural beauty of the land through conservation.”

They knew they wanted the style of their home near the watershed to harken back to traditional architecture and engage in a close relationship with the land. Inspired by old Southern structures known as dogtrots, they designed the cottage “as straightforward as you can get…”

We drew from simple, vernacular forms… we wanted to feel like we were outside when we were inside.”

“Everything we need is here. We don’t really want to leave.”

Markham Smith, Architect, and Ellen Hauck

Pinnacle Living Mountain Homes Southern Style Winter 2008

“While every home is unique, three architectural styles predominate: elegant yet unpretentious Southern Appalachian-style log cabins; romantic, traditional L-shape homes with a Thomas Kinkade warmth and a Ralph Lauren classic style; and sophisticated , contemporary versions of the southern dogtrot.”

Mountain Homes Southern Style

“Architectural guidelines encourage cottage designs that respect the heritage of the region”…styles that typically require the use of native materials, simple detailing, and common-sense features.”

I love the hustle and bustle of the city life in Atlanta and travel all over the country, he adds, “but I look forward to my weekends in the woods where life is meant to slow down.”

Bill CaltonAtlanta, Georgia

“Our family is fortunate to have a rich and diverse piece of land in the southern Appalachian mountains. My great-great-grandfather, Joseph Anderson, settled on Anderson Creek in the 1840’s. Ever since then we have been preserving a legacy.” …“We’ve set aside the ruins of early settler homesteads as parks and have established preserves that include the botanically rich watershed of Anderson Creek.”

George David

Preserving a Legacy: Cabin Retreats in the Georgia Mountains Take on a Historic Touch

“What’s the ideal vision of Appalachia? For the owners of Anderson Creek Retreat near Ellijay, Georgia, the designs were influenced by thoughts of soft green mountains, clean flowing creeks, and small, sturdy cabins tucked under ancient trees as they transform their family’s 1,500 acre homestead into a historic community retreat…Anderson Creek property owners… protect natural land, wildlife, and waterways.”

Cozy Cabins

Southern Comfort

“Slow down and stay awhile. Anderson Creek Retreat is a community dedicated to family, fun, and the future of the planet….You’ll undoubtedly want to explore the awe-inspiring landscape, but first you’ll have to choose your mode of transportation. With more than 1,500 acres at the Retreat and another 750,000 acres of National Forest right next door, property owners have endless woodlands and footpaths to wander. And just eight miles away the Appalachian Trail tempts you…”

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